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Art of Enology Class - - February Sunday 20th

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

Art of Enology - February 20th 11am - 1pm (Inside seating 30 guests max) (Social Distance)

This is a Social Distance Event - Masks until seated. Limited to 30 people total (No one under 21)

Tom Amabile founder of Cream Ridge Winery had a special philosophy for how to grow, make and drink wine. Tom's passion for life, music, food and wine made him one of the most unique and special people you would ever want to meet.

Cream Ridge Winery CEO, Tim gathered all his notes from Tom’s life and wine lessons and put together a special 2-hour wine tasting and life learning class.

You will learn the seven pillars of Tom’s Art of Enology:

1) Everything begins with a seed (Purpose)

2) New growth must be tended (Service)

3) Be ready to harvest (Receive)

4) It’s in your hands, crushing and pressing wine (Endure)

5) Conducting the fermentation (Art and Science of Wine)

6) Hurry up and wait (Detachment)

7) Fruits of your labor (Enjoyment)

These seven topics will help you better enjoy the process of making wine but also inspire you to the joys of drinking wine and enjoying your life!

Join us $25.00 per person included class, wine tasting, hors d'oeuvers, class materials and fun afternoon! Learn about wine, Cream Ridge, Tom and how you can really enjoy a life filled with your passion.

Seating for only 30 in class - chairs and glasses will be provided in winemaking room. Register now.

21+ event

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