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Away with a Mono-cultural Vineyard

2023 brings new changes for the vineyard!

Jackie has been very hard at work with our Consultant, Corey, in making huge changes to the vineyard.

We are getting away from being more mono-cultural and becoming multi-cultural.

What does being a mono-cultural vineyard mean?

Our 7 acres that we have planted are predominately the Fredonia Grape.

Being one type of variety (mono).

Yes, we do have Beach Plums in our vineyard but only a small section.

What does it mean to be a multi-cultural vineyard?

We tore up some vines that needed to be replaced either due to age, or damage and

planted with other varieties.

Jackie had planted the following in replacement of those vines we took out;

(9) Elderberry Bushes that transplanted and propagated

(9) Bush Cherries

(15) Kiwi Berries

(48) Blackberry Bushes

The changes that we are making to the vineyard will also help with keeping our soil healthy.

Keep an eye out for all the changes to come!

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