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Good Karma Day 2022 (July 9th)

Celebrating all things local, natural and good!

Join us for a day of joy and good juju, as we celebrate all things compassionate!

Show up in your FLOWER POWER too! Flowers in your hair, mood rings, bell bottoms, tie-dye, peace symbols, peasant blouses and/or skirts for our Good Karma Festival.

Entry tickets for the event is $10*

*Tastings/Glasses of wine/ Bottles are a separate purchase*

We'll have live music all day, as well as, local vendors that know how to show good karma!

The event will be from 12pm - 6pm.

Sign up for our emails, so you can stay up to date on event updates and wine releases!


Shoot over an email to OR give us a call 609-259-9797

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