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Posters for the People Event AND Farmstand Sangria

Join us for a great day all around! A curator talk June 25th at 11am-12pm (ticketed event) and then join us for a free pop-up exhibit AND a farmstand sangria day!

The farmstand sangria is a separate purchase. Make sure to bring our mugs back!

DID YOU KNOW. . . The U.S. government hired thousands of artists in the 1930s & 40s to help the nation recover from the Great Depression? Hundreds of Works Progress Administration (WPA) poster artists created millions of pieces that called attention to public programs, shared values, and activities that celebrated everyday American culture. 85+ years later, their strong messages and striking beauty still remind us of the power and potential of our democracy. Join Cream Ridge Winery in celebrating this timeless legacy!


  • Hands-On Screenprinting will be happening on site! Learn how WPA posters were printed in this printing demonstration.

  • Buy poster repros and t-shirts to support Posters for the People’s efforts to document this lost part of history!

  • Or try it yourself to take a poster home.


Curator Talk - Posters for the People curator and author Ennis Carter will share the history of the WPA poster project and the story of finding some lost gems. (11am tickets required) WPA Poster Exhibit - See rare original WPA posters on-site in the traveling exhibit.

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