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Women in Wine - Equipment Training

Here at Cream Ridge Winery, we had the pleasure of hosting the Women in Wine Organization for their Equipment training for those women in the industry.

The equipment training was a great educational experience for those who wanted to learn how to use bigger machinery that can be found on most vineyards/ at wineries.

For example; fork lifts, utvs, tractors

The Women in Wine is an Organization that is a safe space for women working in the NJ wine industry to exchange ideas, network, collaborate, and promote education in different aspects of the industry. The group’s mission is to unite and provide an inclusive, dedicated, supported, and educated community.

Cream Ridge Winery is excited to be a part of a new and amazing organization that is connecting the women in the wine industry.

We have an amazing team of women who are part of our core team!

Jackie - Vineyard Manager

Susan - Tasting Room Manager

Victoria - General Manager

We also have a great group of part-time female employees who help during the season.

If you would like to learn more about the Women in Wine, here are a few articles to check out;

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